Susan Zurcher

Susan Zurcher (1944-)

Born in Youngstown, Ohio and a graduate of the University of Dayton Zurcher is a poet, photographer, performance artist and sculptor. Her work acquired for the Putnam Collection, Hysterical Fit (1981) , is representative of the Feminist aesthetic prevalent at the time . In Zurcher’s sculpture allusions may be drawn between art and craft often associated with women’s work (weaving, sewing), between freedom and control, and with traditional stereotypes and iconography that link women’s psyche and physique to elements and forms in nature. Her wire and wood constructions resemble three-dimensional drawings, and are meditations on the relationship between nature and technology. In Hysterical Fit the natural forms of the tree limbs give texture and shape to the sculpture but are bound carefully with steel and aluminum wire, while the references to feminine anatomy are explicit.

Work in the collection:

13 Hysterical Fit, 1981-82
Tree limbs, aluminum wire, steel wire
Euclid Avenue, Thwing Center Lounge, [1984.1]


The Putnam Sculpture Collection
Case Western Reserve University
11201 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7110