Ronald Bladen

Ronald Bladen (1980-1988)

Canadian by birth, lived and worked in New York state. Bladen was one of the pioneers of of minimalism and abstract expressionist sculpture The critic Mark Stevens wrote that “Bladen’s signature effect is to give massive black forms an air of light, speed, and weightlessness. Sharp angles cut through the air, unzipping the space.” Bladen’s sculpture is closely related to that of his friend Tony Smith , the leading figure in the minimalist school of sculpture , (Smith’s Spit Ball, 1961, is situated on CWRU’s Case Quadrangle). Light Year is representative of his mature style. Bladen was a noted teacher ; from 1974-to 1976 Bladen was guest lecturer at Columbia University and in 1975 was awarded the Mark Rothko Fellowship. He also taught at the Parsons School of Fine Art in New York, at Yale, and at the Skohegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine.

Work in the collection:

47 Light Year, 1979
Painted aluminum
Kelvin Smith Library, (acquired 2009), [2009.6]

The Putnam Sculpture Collection
Case Western Reserve University
11201 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7110